21 Days In Europe

Manchester, United Kingdom.

Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Essen, Germany.



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An Ode to Kofi Annan

An ode to Kofi Annan

I was saddened when I heard about the passing of diplomat and humanitarian Kofi Annan. In the wake of the death of Kofi Annan, tributes have been pouring in from world leaders and citizens of the world who are celebrating his enduring legacy as a peacekeeper and advocate for inclusive development. Kofi Annan was a former United Nation secretary general; the first black African in history to hold this position. Kofi Annan, born and raised in Ghana has inspired so many Africans, myself included. Every year when I visit the United Nation headquarters, his picture and story serves as inspiration and motivation. Mr. Kofi inspired me to start my nonprofit organization Combating CSA and my other humanitarian projects ranging from health to education advocacy.


My passion was forged out of destitution

Every evening when the blazing sun faded from my overcrowded room in Ghana, West Africa, the flickering shadows of 8 other family roommates would cast distinct images on my dreams. Upon awakening, the morning light revealed the presence of three people sleeping on the floor and three other people within a single room. After hopping over the people on the floor, I would be greeted with long lines formed by 4 tenants and their children patiently awaiting the brief use of only 2 bathrooms with showers. While waiting in line for 35 or more minutes, the night sky still hung overhead. After quickly dressing, I would eat my light meal before walking the 25 to 40 minutes trek to school with my brother and best friend, Nana Ama. As the first light of day rose over the horizon, the school bell could be heard in the distance. Amazing, it was along those long treks that the resolve, passion, anger and conviction to shape the future path of myself and others in destitute was forged.

Although Ghana, like many parts of Africa may be economically impoverished, the people of Ghana have a long history steeped in a commitment to family, community, the continued and advanced education of all its citizens which will truly honor our nation’s history and future in the world. I’ve discovered that being here in America has provided me with an opportunity to help my country. I’m completing two degrees in Child Advocacy & Policy and Biology. I’m passionate about medicine and child advocacy. Having lived under certain conditions that I now know are detrimental to healthy development, it’s always an honor to go back every year to educate others in Ghana. Helping society is my passion and I look forward to exercising my passion in the future as a travel UN physician and child advocate.

Here’s an ode to you Sir, you’ve inspired so many. Legends like you don’t simply die, thank you for igniting a passion for humanity in me. You brought considerable renown to our country Ghana by your position and by your accomplishments in the global arena. Your life and legacy has given me hope and inspiration. Rest in well.

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