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An Ode to Kobe Bryant

An Ode to Kobe Bryant

Though I never met you in person, you inadvertently taught me many ethics and values. From afar, you instilled in me, the moral principle of hard work. You portrayed persistence, grit and tenacity. Above all, you taught me selflessness and leadership; steeped in servitude.

You birthed in me the love of basketball. The first time I saw you on TV was a day of defeat for you, yet your countenance expressed perseverance and grit. Kobe Bryant, you never gave up! My love for basketball subsided after your retirement. You always fought with every strength and vigor within you.

Death took you and your daughter shockingly and painful. Your beautifully ambitious daughter, Gianna Bryant. Comprehending your death seems to be challenging. A death so unfathomable yet so profound to me. I’ve come to understand your purpose was to inspire the world. You’ve fulfilled your destiny, and you lived a purposeful life. You’ve inspired many, myself included. Thank you, Kobe. You’re immortalized in the hearts of many, myself included.

Da yie Kobe, Due! Due!! Damirifa Due!!!!

Translation: “Rest Well Kobe!”


  1. Farida says

    Emma this touched me on a different level. You had such a personal connection to him. May he always be remembered in our hearts.

    • Emma Akuffo says

      I truly loved Kobe! His passing is so sad. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! You’re the first person to ever comment on my blog! Yess!

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