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Astray Generation | Prayer & Podcast

 In our world today, we have sunken into a place of individualism, where our happiness comes first. We’re engulfed in intellectual pride, priding ourselves in the knowledge we have amassed, doing what’s right in our own eyes, according to our own human judgement. We have forsaken the word of God, believing we can do good on our own. We have settled for moralism, the idea of being a good person, through one’s own might, forsaking a savior. In a nutshell, we as humans have exalted ourselves above all.

We’re lifting up a prayer with a humble and contrite heart. Asking that our lord comes and dwell in us.

The Prayer ( available as a podcast)

Let us pray. Lord Jesus, today we come before you. We cast down our crowns and we lay down our idols. We lay our pride aside. Asking for forgiveness. Lord, we ask that you wash our hand, wash our hands for our sins are many. Change our filthy garments and rob us in righteousness. Come dwell in us. We declare you lord over our lives. Meaning you have complete ownership of our spirit and we yield to you.

Lord you promised you would satisfy us, your word says in Matthew 5:6, “come those who hunger for righteousness, and you shall be filled”. We thirst and hunger for righteousness Lord, so fill us. Lord we ask that you make us light in this darkness. Lord we take our place as light in this darkness. We avail ourselves to you fully, use us as vessel to win souls into your loving light. We avail ourselves for soul winning. If anyone cleanses himself from the latter, he shall be a vessel of honor, sanctified and useful for the master, prepared for every good work. We avail ourselves Lord, use us.

Prune our hearts of unforgiveness, pride, jealousy, gossiping, selfishness, lust, fornication, lying, manipulation, masturbation, pornography and anything that doesn’t glorify you. We humble ourselves before you, asking for your strength and grace. Help us stand in your word and truth. Enable us in our weakness, let your strength come alive in us.  


  1. Cynthia Peer says

    Thank you, Emma, for your heartfelt prayer that challenges me in my own spiritual walk!

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