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Essie Spice | Spice-y Saturday

It’s Spice-y Saturday! This month’s spotlight spice is Essie Spice! Last week, I received my order of Essie Spice! I bought the Essential Sauce Collection, which comes with all the four sauces and spices. My sauces and spices came beautifully packaged. The packaging was simply beautiful! I was also impressed with the recipe cards included in the box.

Essie Spice is an impeccable cooking spices and sauces that features spices from Africa with global flavors. The sauces come with mind-blowing world flavors. The collection is also VEGAN! The owner and spice mixologist, Essie Bartels, hails from Ghana. Being a Ghanian myself, I felt a need to support. I’ve been following Essie’s personal Instagram for three years now and I must admit: her creativity, strong work ethics, and mark of excellence is inspiring! Essie has been featured in Forbes Africa, TIME magazine, Daily Mail, CookingLight and many more. I finally got the chance to try all four spices and sauces.

COCO-FOR-GARLIC – Garlic & Coconut

This is an exotic coconut garlic sauce. Coco-For-Garlic can be used for sautéing or braising to marinate poultry, meats, fish or tofu, to spice up stews or soups. You can also add it to omelettes, frittatas, quiches and even pizza for exceptional flavor. I used this sauce in my Jollof stew and the flavor was on point! This is definitely going into my grilled Tilapia recipe.

Price $9.99


This is my favorite spice in the collection. A delectable blend of sweet mango, lush Vidalia onions & Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers. I simply love the smell of the blend! It can be used as a glaze, dip, marinade or cooking sauce. It’s also a flavor enhancer for meats, noodles and so much more. You can even use it as a sandwich spread, on crepes, on top of cheese on a cracker or to jazz up your steak and experience world renowned flavor. I really love the versatility of all the sauces. I used this to season my goat meat and I tell you, the flavor was exceptional!

Price $9.99

TAMARIND OH! – Sweet & Tangy

This one right here will be used in my Amudro ginger drink! This is a sweet and tangy sauce. I initially taught it was used for drinks, desserts, and as a spread only; however I noticed on the label that it can be used as a marinade for meats and vegetables. Again, I love the versatility of the sauces! It’s a blend of Tamarind, Guava, Ginger and Vanilla. For meats, it can be used as BBQ sauce. For sandwiches, you can replace grape or strawberry jam with TamarindOH!

Price: $9.99

MEKKO DRY RUB – Nutty & Spicy

Mekko is the twi word for “pepper” . This spice will be used to for seasoning my meats as well. It’s a blend of Asian and West-African spices with a fragrant note of West-African peanuts. Try Mekko Dry Rub on fish, lamb, chicken, shrimp or beef. Try it in Olive Oil for yummy dipping or on popcorn or crackers for a savory, healthy snack. 

Price: $9.99

Final thoughts

In all, the collection is very versatile and reasonably priced. Each spice is priced $9.99, which is very affordable. You can purchase all four sauces like I did. The Essential Sauce Collection is priced at $39.00 for all four sauces. Each sauce is 10.5 oz (297g). The customer service is excellent, shipping is 2 days ground and processing is 2-3 business days. I highly recommend Essie Spice, order yours today at !


  1. Sarah says

    I highly recommend Essie Spice as well .. I will be using Coco for Garlic on my salmon tomorrow. Great review Emma 👍🏾

  2. Karen says

    Great review of Essie Spice. I have tried the Mango Chilli Medley. I used it to spice my chicken and it was flavorful. The style of texture and background story of how the product came to be is intriguing.

    I haven’t given the other spices a try but I will one day. I made my purchase at Wholefoods. Although it took a while to find it, I remember the joy I felt when I got it. I initially thought Essie Spice was a selection of grounded spices but it wasn’t until I got a hold of the Mango Chilli Medley that I realized that it was a sauce. I’m sure Essie will add more spices to her collection in the future. Thank you for sharing Emma 😊

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